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An Overview of Juvenile Dependency Court

By Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso |

There are many reasons why you might find yourself at the Juvenile Dependency Court in California and they aren’t all negative reasons. Many people can jump to conclusions or assume the worst when they receive a petition from the courts but the Juvenile Dependency Court simply hears cases involving children who have been, or… Read More »

How Is Income Factored in a Child Support Calculation?

By Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso |

To calculate child support, courts use a calculator program on their computers. The judge inputs data obtained at a hearing or trial, and the program produces a monthly child support amount. While this seems simple, the calculation itself is complicated. So it is important for parties litigating a child support issue to understand how… Read More »

When Spouses Are Considered Separated for Purposes of Divorce

By Law Office of Landon C. Villavaso |

In divorce proceedings, spouses need to identify their separation date in order to resolve important issues such as marital assets and debts and the duration of spousal support. As a rule, assets acquired and earned as well as debts incurred during the marriage are deemed marital and must be divided equally between the parties…. Read More »

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