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When you’re engulf to the ungodly side of the children’s court, Attorney Villavaso is definitely a professional who you would want to be by your side.
It is imperative to be represented by someone who is respected and is known inside the Children’s Court.
My husband and I were accused of a very harsh “E” count when our son had an accident under a relative’s care.
My husband and I were very lost, confuse, and scared to say the least.
We were coping with our reality of what happened to our son and in addition we also have to awfully face the allegation of DCFS.
We were very fortunate to have been introduce to Mr. Villavaso. Till this day, we believe he is our heaven sent.
From the moment we had our first conversation, Atty. Villavaso started his research to know what we’re up against and WHO we’re up against inside the court.
He read all allegations, answered all my questions, and were easily accessed for any concerns. I gained so much of my knowledge because of him.

It was a very rough battle, but I must say, having Atty. Villavaso by my side was a huge relief, I felt confident inside that court. He literally lifted a huge weight off my shoulder.
The county and minor’s counsel wanted us to settle for what is convenience for them, for the court house and want us to admit to some fault to “settle” the case.
Atty. Villavaso Fought for us! Didn’t settle and would not settle to anything but my children to be “HOME WITH PARENTS”
We went on a full trial. Atty. Villavaso closing argument was standing ovation, impeccable. It truly shows the quality of his work.

Our Children are HOME!! (B)

Even our social worker commented: “Through my 18 years in DCFS, I have never seen whereas the judge sustained all allegation to be true, and agreed the kids to come home! That’s because you have your private attorney”

I would Highly Recommend Mr. Villavaso! This positive testimony and the testimonies of other speaks for itself

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